About the Cookie

Just One Cookie Games exists to please the creative whims of our beloved potentate, Randy Condon. (Hereafter referred to as ‘Our Staff’).


Nestled high atop Bernal Hill in San Francisco (among the hawks and coyote), we toil gleefully to create truly unique entertainment software.


Just One Cookie has been working on just one game for over a year. That game is called the Gondolier of Love, an adventure of rhythm and navigation, love and laughs.


Our staff (of one) has over a dozen years in video game console production, with the accompanying scars, boils, laugh lines and removed tattoos to prove it.


Our staff (of one) is also available for consulting for game design, budgeting, production, or studio due diligence. Our staff (of one) also accepts software engineering contracts. We are a licensed Wii developer.


Just One Cookie Games, LLC

Changing the way video games taste. (Huh?)